History of Writing Ink

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Chaudhary Ramzan Prehistoric cavemen first wrote using sharpened stones to scratch pictures on the walls of their cave dwellings. Since then, a lot has happened to improve the quality of writing.

The Chinese invented the first ink called “Indian Ink” by mixing soot and lamp oil with the gelatin of monkey skin and musk. This was followed with the Egyptians developing parchment paper and the Romans using bamboo stems filled with a primitive ink as pens.

Inks continued to be developed through the ages to meet the requirements of new writing instruments that brought new writing qualities and performance. One of the major advancements in writing came with the advent of the fountain pen, which is still a very popular product. The ball pen was the next major invention to meet the ever-increasing writing demands of the consumer. Both of these types of writing instruments brought new and challenging demands on the inks that are matched with each system.

On the ongoing quest for the perfect writing instrument, several significant writing products were invented and developed. Some of these instruments evolved from the use of new materials and taking some features and component from one instrument and combining them with some taken from another instrument. Each development and generation of writing instruments brought new and increasing performance requirements on the ink.

As porous tip and roller-ball markers were introduced into the marketplace, manufacturers continued their development effort, which led to improvements in performance and line extensions, such as permanent marker, highlighters, dry-erase markers, gel pens, and free-ink systems. Most, if not all, of these writing instruments would not be possible without a high-quality specialty ink matched to each writing instrument system.

Innovation continues and every innovation adds more complication and new challenges to the writing ink manufacturer. At Chad Labs, we develop and manufacture inks of all types and we welcome challenges. We want to assist you in developing new products and in the manufacture of writing instruments by providing inks that meet your requirements and expectations. Challenge us!

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