Writing Ink Timeline

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Writing ink has come a long way from the earliest known writing implements that did not even involve ink to many new and effective means of getting your ideas on paper. The timeline provides many noteworthy writing ink improvements. See when your favorites were invented.

Sharp Stone4000 BC – Sharp Stone

Feather Quill600 AD – Feather Quill Pen (water-based writing ink)

Wooden Pencil1795 – Wooden Pencil – Nicolas Conte, France

Fountain Pen Ink1884 – Fountain Pen (water-based liquid writing ink) – Lewis Waterman, New York, USA

Ball Point Pen Ink1938 – Ball Point Pen (oil-based paste writing ink) – Laszlo Jozsef Biro, Hungary

Porous Point Pen Ink1962 – Porous Point Pen (fiber/felt-tipped pen) – Yukio Horie, Tokyo, Japan

Roller Ball Pen Ink1970 – Roller Ball Pen (water-based liquid writing ink) – Pentel, Japan

Gel Pen Ink1984 – Gel Pen (water-based gel writing ink) – Sakura Color Products Corporation, Osaka, Japan

ButterGel™ Ink2001 – ButterGelTM (oil-based gel writing ink) – Chad Labs Corporation, Connecticut, USA

ButterGel Xtreme™ Ink2013 – ButterGel XtremeTM (oil-based hybrid writing ink) – Chad Labs Corporation, Connecticut, USA

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